The publication of these By-Laws have been instituted by the establishment and official recognition of the BMR, Bureau of Middle East Recycling, as a regional non-profit association; registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica in 29 April 2009; headquartered in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Bureau of Middle East Recycling, Inc. is officially and locally registered at the Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and obtained its license on 28 December 2009 as a branch of an international company.


Considering the current establishment of the association in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the English text is the authentic version as for the interpretation of the By-Laws. The internal and external communication documents of the association will be, unless otherwise specified, published and distributed in English.
The communication languages between the affiliated members of the BMR are English and Arabic. Other languages may be admitted during the conventions and working committees; according to special agreements to be made, case by case.

Our Objectives

It is our main objective to promote environmental protection awareness in the Middle East while expanding the course of recycling industry in the Middle East through its members within the Middle East and through ambassadorship.

Unite Recycling Industry.

To join hands and make recycling industry in Middle East efficient. To face the new challenges in the present economic turmoil and financial crises and to have solidarity among all clients.

Create Opportunities.

To provide the opportunity for its clients and all relevant professionals to meet on a regular basis and to act as unified forum for the exchange of information relating to the current or prospective business and/or professional opportunities in the Middle Eastssadaasdas.

Protect Interest of Clients.

All clients of BMR will undertake not to employ any staff member who used to work with other clients unless NOC is obtained. This will be mentioned in their membership with BMR.

Free Access and Movement of Commodity

To fight against any form of trade barrier that could jeopardize the free movement of commodities across borders and to intensify the importance of free access to raw materials worldwide

Providing grassroots market information, industry trends and best practices; as well as to provide a means for appropriate lobbying to collectively address issues of all levels.

To provide its clients with the proper forum for exchanging commercial, technical, economical, legal and environmental information relating to recycling trade in Middle East.

To establish technical commodity division and working committees to coordinate all BMR activities with a secretariat under the direct authority of the clients, Executive Committee and Advisory Council.

To devise a common sales/purchase contract annexure binding that can safeguard suppliers and the buyers, and is to be presented for arbitration.

To promote common sales and purchase contracts for clients and their customers, concentrating on both side’s interest

Providing services of resolving disputes that may arise from time to time between clients or clients and third parties in accordance with their bilateral agreements.