Global Recycling Day

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Global Recycling Day
  • BMR have celebrated the Global Recycling Day in various functions ,which started 12th of March during the 8th BMR International Conference with a grand celebration by all participants including BIR President Mr. Ranjit Baxi.
  • A special basketball shootout event took place Saturday March 16 at Sharif Metals where several board members including President and Honorary Chairman  and various other participants took the recycling pledge.
  • On the main Global Recycling Day , BMR along with the Dubai Municipality held  a grand celebration at one of the  DM Recycling center including various Schools Children and Community sustainability Ambassadors and well as the community residences. Where the importance of recycling and the global recycling day have been highlighted.
  • This has been followed by another event at the Little Gems school where the little kids performed how they recycling and what the three R’s signifies. The importance of the recycling was also highlighted to all the school children.