Our Activities


This Bureau will hold Annual General Meeting (AGM) wherein all members will have to attend the same to discuss the various aspects of the organization annually.
The Bureau will hold various other meetings, General Meeting or an Extra Ordinary General Meeting as and when required to discuss any matters related to the BMR.
The Board Members and Board Ambassadors will be the Administrative Board of the Bureau and will be the decision makers.
The Board shall ensure that all its members abide by the norms of this Bureau.
The Board shall provide support to the organization dedicated for development of international trade and investments in the Middle East.
The Board shall make suggestions/representations with the appropriate Government authorities on matters of policies and procedures pertaining to Scrap Recycling Trade.
The Board shall coordinate and/or affiliate with organizations in various parts of the world with similar or related objectives to exchange views, information and to work collectively, for instance the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR).
The Board shall publish for private circulation amongst members such newsletters reports and/or other literature as the Board Members may deem fit from time to time.
The Board Members may invite prominent Ambassador from the members or patrons of Bureau of International Recycling to Dubai to be the Patron(s) of the BMR with a view to seek guidance and support in achieving the objectives of the BMR.

Our Objectives

It is our main objective to promote environmental protection awareness in the Middle East while expanding the course of recycling industry in the Middle East through its members within the Middle East and through ambassadorship.

Our Objective